Nadeen is a thirty-year-old woman living in the expensive California city of San Francisco. As a successful woman, she was disappointed when she realized that her relationship with her boyfriend was going down the wrong path. Instead of sitting idly by, she decided to put her lover on a “performance improvement plan.” Interestingly, Nadeen claimed that the plan worked wonders on her deadbeat boyfriend and was able to change him into the man she always dreamed he could be.

When Nadeen and her boyfriend moved in together after just three months of dating, they faced “a lot of issues” because they had very different lifestyles. Although each person was very different from their lover, they refused to let their relationship die, and they continued to work at their romance because they “had a lot of love for each other.”

“We felt like we weren’t compatible – so as the last straw, we decided to do a performance improvement plan (PIP),” Nadeen said in her viral TikTok video. Nadeen explained that many corporate companies put employees on a PIP when their performance suffers, and they are about to get fired. She was pleasantly surprised to see that her PIP for her boyfriend worked very well and kicked him into shape.

Now, the couple has been together for three years and continues to work on their relationship. Many TikTok viewers thought it was harsh of Nadeen to put her lover on a performance improvement plan. She replied that it was the best thing she could have done for her love life.

“I know it’s kind of harsh to some of you – but he’s an engineer, and sometimes it’s really hard to communicate with him without using something that he can already relate to,” she said. “Plus, he liked it.”

Many people were impressed with the 30-year-old woman’s corporate approach to love. They thought she was smart to put her deadbeat boyfriend on a performance improvement plan to help their relationship grow and continue toward success.

The following comments were shared on TikTok by people who thought that the woman was doing something smart by challenging her boyfriend to do better in love.

“I think it was brilliant that you took a system he understands and applied it to your relationship,” one woman said. “It sounds like you have really strong communication and respond to each other’s needs. That is a nice way of communicating instead of yelling and screaming at each other.”

Other people felt that the woman’s corporate tactics should be reserved for a capitalist situation rather than a relationship. These people shared their reactions in the TikTok comments as well, including the following:

“Late-stage capitalism is truly hell.”

Another critic added, “I’d prefer not to be someone’s manager or assign tasks – do you have a plan for when he gets promoted and can manage himself?”

@nadeenhui we started living together really early on in our relationship so we saw all of each others living habits and lifestyles super quickly. and i honestly think it worked out better this way because we could decide if we actually wanted to work on these lifestyle habits together or split up. since it was so new, there wouldn’t be much love lost and we’d still be friends. but ultimately, we decided that we wanna stay together, and these lifestyle changes were for the better so why not do it? i had to learn to be more accepting and easy going, and he had to learn to be more tidy and considerate of shared spaces. #relationshipadvice #softwareengineerlife #lifeintech #girlsintech ♬ original sound - nadeen