Food service workers have been turning to social media in recent years to expose their employers. Now, one delivery driver, who posts video content to her TikTok account under the name @AtlantaDelivers, uploaded a controversial video and now claims that she has been banned from her local McDonald’s restaurant where she lives in the United Kingdom. In the video posted to the Chinese-created social media app, the delivery driver explained that she had to wait for twenty-five minutes at the UK McDonald’s restaurant location before she decided it was not worth the wait and abandoned her hopes of actually getting her hands on a meal from the fast-food joint.

In the TikTok video from @AtlantaDelivers, she blasted the workers at the McDonald’s location for failing her. She claimed that they did not work fast enough to satisfy her needs as a customer. She wanted to get her order in a timely manner, not be forced to wait for nearly half an hour for an order that ultimately never arrived.

The delivery driver’s viral video has been viewed nearly three million times and counting. People resonated with her content, although McDonald’s was furious with her for posting a criticism of their restaurant to the Chinese-created social media app that is likely monitoring American cultural trends and moves.

“I’ve just been banned from my Mcdonald’s,” Atlanta shared. “I walked in… [an employee] looked at me for a second, then she was like, ‘we can’t serve you. You’re not allowed in here.’”

In Atlanta’s video, you can see a bunch of other delivery drivers waiting inside the McDonald’s restaurant, waiting for the workers behind the counter to make their orders. However, these workers are very slow and are not making their meals fast enough to get people out the door and onto the road to make their deliveries. Delivery drivers only make money when they are successfully completing delivery orders – not by waiting around for slow restaurant workers to complete their customers’ orders.

Atlanta eventually gave up on the order since she had been waiting for nearly half an hour.

“I give up with that order, there getting nun (nothing) ready, there’s no one doing deliveries, it’s now 2:59 p.m., so I’ve been there for 25 minutes. Absolutely nothing.”

Atlanta then cancels the McDonald’s order and heads to her next stop, which is at a Starbucks location. When the time comes for Atlanta to pick up another order at the same McDonald’s location, she returns and is met with a furious employee who tells her, “We’re not allowed to give you orders anymore.”

On TikTok, users commented and shared their criticism of McDonald’s as a chain restaurant. Some people explained that they had the same problem as Atlanta at that very McDonald’s location. Other people said they had similar problems at other McDonald’s restaurants.

One person commented, “As a driver myself, I know as soon as I get a McDonald’s order, I’m going to be waiting. The McDonald’s delivery system SERIOUSLY needs revising.”

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