A Kentucky man put his neighbors’ lives in danger when he decided to use a flamethrower to clear his driveway of pesky snow. Timothy Browning of Ashland, a small suburb east of Lexington, Kentucky, starred in a 30-second video clip where he shows off how he uses the superhot flamethrower to remove the white powder from his property. In addition to his flamethrower, Browning appears in the video drinking a beer while wearing a white bathrobe and smoking a cigar.

Browning’s wife filmed the video for her husband and was very proud to announce, jokingly, that “Browning snow services removal now available!”

Although the flamethrower appears to work to melt the snow, Browning does not take much care in his work. During the 30-second clip, Browning absent-mindedly chugs his beer while inferno blasts from the weapon. His work leaves small fires smoldering along his driveway and the yard, but he does not seem to mind the blaze.

At one point during the viral video, a passing motorist honks their horn at Browning in apparent support of his weaponized snow removal.

Browning uploaded the shocking video to Facebook along with the caption, “Browning snow services. God bless Merica!”

Social media users reacted in one of two ways. They either loved Browning for breaking out the flamethrower to remove the light dusting of snow from his property, or they found his over-the-top reaction to snowfall to be too much.

“I’ve wanted one of those for several years. Now I REALLY want one!” said Andrea Evans.

“YOU’RE HIRED!!!! How soon can you get here???!!!??” joked another friend.

“You charge by the job?? I need off my hill!” wrote another fan.

“I’ve always wondered why nobody has come up with a simple way to melt snow. It’s just frozen water. Seems very inefficient to shovel it into a pile somewhere, when all you need is some heat to turn it into the water,” added Mike Grossman.

On Daily Mail, hundreds of people shared comments, including the following. Many people pointed out that this man was mimicking Cousin Eddy from the National Lampoon’s Christmas movie.

“Hat, robe, cigar & throwing beer cans down? It’s a setup – he’s dressed as Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

“I hear you. Totally staged in mimic and fun. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. It did look like they were having fun.”

“American ingenuity at its best. Love it. And look, no mask. Of course, the Karen’s won’t like it, though.”

“Won’t that turn it to ice and make it a lot more dangerous?” one person asked.

The response was, “Looks to me as if his drive is on a slope, so most of the water will run downhill, also think of the fun he must be having.”

“So hilarious if he had ignited his house.”

One person pointed out that this Kentucky man got what he wanted – his fifteen minutes of fame.

“He wanted to be a spectacle. Who TF does that in a bathrobe, slippers, and a cigar?? Hunter S. Thompson, Robin Williams, or Bill Murray 30+ years ago, maybe. This guy??? 15 minutes of fame.”