Few people understand the psychology of the female consumer like multimillionaire Bianca Roccisano. After creating her Booby Tape company, she managed to corner the market for fashion accessories and help countless women look their best while going out in dresses and other outfits that showed off cleavage and ample breasts. But now the 37-year-old businesswoman has spoken out on Tuesday’s episode of The Project podcast to claim that despite all her success in business and finance, she struggles to find a man who can appreciate her for who she is – Booby Tape and all.

Bianca Roccisano claimed that every man she has come across recently had turned her down because she earns more money than he did. Although she is willing to settle down and start a family with the right guy, the men she dates suffer from “small penis syndrome” and cannot bare not being the primary breadwinner in the relationship.

“What’s really upset me recently in my dating years is that I’ve met so many men, and dated so many men, and they’re really blunt with telling me [I emasculate them]. They’re not even scared,” she explained.

She added, “They’re like, ‘You are fabulous. I think you’re amazing. However, the fact that you perhaps might make more money than me…’ I will never be okay with that because, apparently, I’m emasculating them.”

When Bianca first met a man who wouldn’t date her because she was a millionaire, she thought it was just “one narcissistic man” of the bunch. But as she expanded her dating pool, she soon realized that many men in her circle were afraid to date a woman who earned more money than them because they feared they would be emasculated in the process.

Meanwhile, Bianca’s male friends frequently complain about how their wives “aren’t working” but still want their husbands to shell out thousands of dollars to buy the latest objects to keep up with the Joneses.

“The poor women who stay home and are incredible housewives cop it. Women who work cop it. Where’s the happy medium? Like I’m not really quite sure what men want,” she added.

Now, the multimillionaire might just try to become a mother without a man in her life. Since she is thirty-seven, her biological clock does not have too much time left before motherhood is shut off to her. She doesn’t want to miss out on being a mother just because the men she dates can’t see themselves as being secondary to her in terms of their careers.

In a conversation with Daily Mail Australia, she said: “Everyone is congratulating me, don’t get me wrong, I’m excited, but I’m really sad as well. It’s not how I wanted to do things. But at the same time, I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity, so it’s a mixed array of emotions, but ultimately if I don’t meet that person, I’m going to be a mum, and that’s exciting.”