Since her look has drastically changed over the year, former glamor model Katie Price is almost unrecognizable. She has undergone so many surgeries to enhance her natural beauty that surgeons now warn the 44-year-old model that she could end up hunchbacked if she doesn’t stop going under the knife. Since the supermodel began her plastic surgery journey in the 1990s, she has visited the plastic surgeon’s office sixteen times.

Katie Price recently revealed her most recent breast augmentation, which is her sixteenth since her first one back in 1998. She got her breasts enlarged during her recent trip to Thailand, which she was visiting on vacation.

In an effort to get the “biggest” breasts “in Britain,” Katie Price was more than happy to visit a Thai plastic surgeon to work toward that goal. Over the years, Price has spent an estimated $150,000 dollars or more on her body transformation.

Compared to what Katie Price looked like when she became a famous glamor model in the 1990s, the star is now unrecognizable. She looks very different than what she looked like when she appeared in photo shoots during her modeling heyday.

Dr. John Skevofilax warns that Katie Price could start seeing damage to her look if she continues down the path of getting more surgery. He warned that the former model’s face could droop to one side if she doesn’t quit while she is ahead.

Katie Price has increased the frequency of her plastic surgery visits in recent years. She has undergone a breast augmentation or other boob job every year since 2019, which Dr. Skevofilax said was putting a “grueling” tole on her body.

“Having multiple boob jobs (over a lifetime) is okay, but you need to have the time between each procedure,” the plastic surgeon said. “Going in too early, you’re going to have scar tissue build-up.”

He claimed that each patient needs between six to twelve months between surgeries. However, repeated surgeries on the same area would become increasingly difficult for the human body, including Katie Price’s.

“It’s not the pure tissue that you had before. You now have to look out for all the different things that have happened during prior surgery and each healing process,” Dr. Skevofilax said. “It’s not just the skin. It’s also the muscle that needs to heal with boob jobs.”

Since Price has been having continuous boob jobs, the tissue of her chest could weaken. Her implants could start “popping out” of the wound.

Katie Price first became hooked on boob jobs when she underwent her first procedure in 1998, increasing her cup size from B to C. After repeated surgeries over the years, she achieved cup size G in 2006.

“Whenever you go bigger, the skin is being stretched out, and then when you decide to go smaller, you need to remove the skin,” the doctor said. “That causes problems because that affects not only the tissue of the skin but the nipple-areolar complex.”