MMA fighter Zion Clark does not have any legs. But he doesn’t let the disability stop him from fighting like a warrior each time he gets into the ring to battle it out against his opponents. But the legless fighter now has a victory under his belt after challenging UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones to a pushup contest. The legless fighter was able to defeat Jones in the pushup contest soon after Jones took the UFC heavyweight crown following his stunning defeat of Ciryl Gane during the UFC 285 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jones (below) had not fought in a UFC battle for more than three years because he had vacated his spot as the light-heavyweight champion in order to add body weight and compete in the heavyweight division. He managed to tone up his body just enough to secure victory against Ciryl Gane in Las Vegas before he took on the legless mixed martial artist Zion Clark in a pushup contest.

Jones defeated the French Ciryl Gane after just three minutes of fighting via submission in the first round of fighting. It was considered a clinical submission due to the way Jones defeated his French opponent.

Because Jones had defeated Gane so quickly, he was more than willing to take on a challenge from legless fighter Zion Clark. Clark wanted to challenge the new heavyweight champion to a pushup contest to see who was able to do more pushups faster than the other man.

Clark was born with a serious disorder called caudal regression syndrome, which affects the development of the lower spine. Despite his disability and having no legs, Zion Clark has managed to be a successful MMA fighter. He has previously competed in other sports but is currently turning his attention toward building a career in the mixed martial arts world.

During their backstage pushup contest, Jon Jones greeted Clark by telling him, “I love what you’re doing, man! You’re killing it. I’ll see you. It’s a big occasion. Man, god bless you. Keep doing what you’re doing. Z, let’s go, baby! I know you want to hit that pushup competition. I know you want to hit it. I got some extra in me too.”

Jones and Clark then start doing pushups together. However, Jones stopped doing pushups after completing forty repetitions, while Clark continued to do more and more and more.

“You look like you’re slowing down, bro! Let’s go! Well, you can’t win all of them,” Clark quipped to the heavyweight UFC champion.

Following his loss to Clark in the pushup contest, Jones shook Clark’s hand and then went into the changing room to prepare for his post-UFC victory press conference.

Clark has been making headlines recently. Back in December, he won his first mixed martial arts bout against an able-bodied opponent at the Gladiator Challenge in San Diego. Clark’s fight lasted the full three rounds, at which time the judges unanimously declared him the victor.