Some women naturally develop facial hair. It does not mean that we are less a woman for doing so. It just means that their bodies are a bit different than what society considers a typical woman. Now, Mandeep Kaur, from India, claims that her facial hair drove her adoring husband away since he did not want a wife who had to shave her face every day in order to look “normal.” But now, Mandeep Kaur claims that she has fallen in love with her beard and no longer considers shaving it, although it makes her stand out from other women in the crowd.

Kaur is a 34-year-old woman from Punjab, India. She married her ex-husband back in 2012 when she thought she had found the man who spent the rest of his days with her. But once he realized that she had a facial hair problem, he began to second guess his decision to wed.

A few years into the marriage, Kaur’s facial hair became more prominent. At this point, her ex-husband abandoned her and cut all ties with his bearded wife. After being dumped so unfairly, Kaur fell into a deep depression. She questioned herself and her identity, but she managed to find help during her depression and eventually came to accept her facial hair.

Now, Kaur is proud of her beard. The facial hair makes her unique as a woman. She has also picked up farm work, which she completes alongside her brothers. She is living the life of her dreams all because her deadbeat husband couldn’t handle her facial hair while she was his wife.

In the wake of her failed marriage, Kaur turned to spirituality for help. She began attending a gurdwara, which is a place of worship where Sikhs gather to practice the basics of their religion and to learn how to be exemplary practitioners.

Because of her newfound faith, Kaur is able to accept her facial hair. She manages to keep her beard in tidy shape. She loves touching her facial hair. She has changed a lot since the day her beard drove her ex-husband away from their relationship.

Now, Kaur proudly displays her beard. She wears long facial hair along with a turban to express her religious and spiritual beliefs.

Women who grow thick hair in areas where most women do not grow hair is a condition called hirsutism. The areas where hair can grow on these women with the condition include the face, neck, thighs, and chest. Medical professionals from around the world advise women with hirsutism to seek out medical help from a general practitioner if the hair growth poses a problem because there might be a treatable medical condition causing it.

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