Dad wanted to give his daughter something truly special on the day she became a teenager. The little girl, Ajala Shabazz, turned thirteen over the summer, which was a big deal for the Alabama girl and her loving family. Instead of giving the teenager a new iPad or Roblox gift cards, Avee-Ashanti Shabazz handed over a set of housekeys to his beloved little girl in order to teach her the important lesson of financial independence and responsibility.

“Today, I gifted my daughter with a house for her 13th B’earthday,” wrote Avee-Ashanti Shabazz on social media. “This was not random. It was planned. This marks the beginning of a family tradition where every Shabazz will be gifted a house on their 13th B’earthday and taught to build it into multiple properties before they are legal adults.”

Although some people felt that Shabazz’s gift was too much, he didn’t do it to spoil his newly teenage daughter. Instead, he wanted the small house to be an important financial lesson for her – one she would remember and take with her for the rest of her life.

“No more being trained to work 25 of your best years before you can retire and then be FREE to live how you choose,” wrote the dedicated father. “No more being trained to bury yourself in debt and spend your best years digging out of the hole. No more being trained to live paying rent or years of mortgages, and your home not being secure regardless of what life throws at you. No more being a slave to the Banks and employers.

“Let’s put our children in POSITION to be FREE to live how they choose while they’re young and full of life,” he continued. “FREE them as best we can to live out their dreams and desires. FREE them to determine for themselves the relationships they may choose to have with Banks and employers. FREE them so they can be what they are inclined to BE.”

The unfortunate truth in America is that most people will struggle with debts for the entirety of their lives. Financial independence or financial freedom are simply dreams that are unattainable for some people. That’s why Shabazz wanted to teach his daughter how to be financially independent when she was young – so she would be able to lead a successful life as an adult.

Lots of social media users congratulated Shabazz for being able to give his daughter something so important. They applauded him for “changing the paradigm” and making financial independence a conversation with his child. He was also applauded for helping change the way money is spoken about in communities of color, which have historically been deprived of an education that promotes financial literacy.

“This is amazing,” someone wrote. “I’m planning on doing the same thing for each one of my daughters.”

“That is what I am talking about!!!” another person commented. “Make your money work. For years as a people we worked the land for other worth, now, let’s work our own land for our own self worth!!! GOOD JOB, DAD!!!”

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