An Australian McDonald’s customer has made international headlines after they found something truly disgusting in their Quarter Pounder with Cheese or QPC. The burger, which was supposedly cooked inside a Woodbine McDonald’s location in Sydney, Australia, included raw ground beef that was clearly not cooked properly. Images of the disgusting quarter pounder show the burger with raw meat after the customer had bitten into the cheesy sandwich only to find that it was not properly cooked in the fast-food establishment.

“Check your burgers before you eat if you’re buying from Woodbine Maccas (in Sydney) tonight,” the furious Australian customer said. “Just got home and bit into this.”

The disturbing images of the uncooked burger took the internet by storm and sparked hundreds of comments from disgusted customers across Australia and the entire world.

Some people wrote, “This is just disgusting.”

Another added, “Hope you complain and get your money back,” referring to how the customer should approach McDonald’s leadership about their uncooked Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

“I would have rung them straight away or gone back to the store,” a third commenter wrote.

One other customer blasted the Australian McDonald’s location for putting pregnant customers at risk by forcing them to eat undercooked ground beef that could contain bacteria and other microorganisms.

In response to the outrageous undercooked quarter pounder, a McDonald’s spokesperson told that the restaurant has taken a look at their cooking habits as they take food quality complaints “very seriously.”

“We follow strict processes and procedures to ensure the quality of our food,” the McDonald’s spokesperson said. “We are working with the restaurant to investigate this further.”

Since the post went viral, the Australian customer has yet to update their followers on what McDonald’s did to rectify the undercooked burger. It is important that all fast-food restaurants make sure they cook their products properly, as customers have the right to delicious and safe food. The customer should always check for proper cooking before eating any product from a restaurant.

In this case, it’s a reminder of the importance of proper check-ups and food safety guidelines. It’s also a wake-up call for customers to be more aware of how their food is prepared and cooked before taking that first bite. No one should ever have to experience a meal like this again.

The customer should always be aware of the safety standards that a restaurant is held to and demand better if their expectations aren’t met. McDonald’s should also ensure they are meeting safety standards, as it is their responsibility to provide safe food for customers. It’s important to make sure all fast food restaurants are following proper guidelines and providing customers with safe meals every time.

Otherwise, there is a risk of foodborne illnesses from bacteria and microorganisms. Improperly cooked food can also lead to an increase in instances of food poisoning, which can have long-term health implications. Therefore, it’s critical for restaurants to take all complaints seriously and act quickly to ensure the highest safety standards are met at all times.