In the Bible, some women were able to have children late into their lives. For example, Abraham was one hundred years old, and his wife, Sarah, was seventy-five when they had a child. In modern times, women are giving birth to children much, much later in life. While there have been some examples of couples having children as senior citizens, in Rome, Georgia, there is one couple who is looking forward to a newborn baby very soon.

Sixty-two-year-old Cheryl McGregor may qualify for senior citizen discounts, but she has hopes of being a new mom. She already has seven children to care for, but now she plans to have her eighth. The couple from Rome, Georgia, includes McGregor, 62, and her much younger husband, 25-year-old Quran McCain. The two are excited at the idea of being able to welcome their first child together, McGregor’s eighth, to her name.

McGregor spoke to the news anchors on the British talk show This Morning about her desire to keep growing her family. She has big plans with her husband, Quran McCain, to create their shared child through the use of a surrogate.

While finding the right surrogate to bring their baby child into the world was tough enough, McGregory and McCain faced the even bigger challenge of convincing their family members and friends to believe in them. They had a slew of critics who did not believe in the much older woman marrying the much younger man – and to boot, they are an interracial couple, which makes things a whole lot more challenging in America, especially in a southern state like Georgia that has a history of racism.

“It’s been a battle with them, us trying to prove to them that it wasn’t a joke,” McGregor said via the Daily Mail. “Out of my seven children, they were saying he was using me. We weren’t using each other. We can’t help who our hearts fall in love with. So it’s been a battle. Out of seven of my children, I really have two but one who really stands by us through everything, and it took a while to come to that conclusion that they like him.”

While the couple is willing to do whatever it takes to bring their first child together into the world, they are playing large. McGregory and McCain have been making the national talk show circuit to drum up attention for their cause and get more people to support their unique situation. McCain is also active on social media. He has chosen to use the Chinese-created social media app, TikTok, to create videos for his more than twenty thousand followers.

Unfortunately, all of the media attention has put a strain on their relationship. But if they are for real, like it seems like they are, they should be able to weather any storm with each other’s love and support.

“We are just going to keep living our lives because we are happy, we are very much happy, this is a happy, healthy marriage, we are looking to start our family, and that’s all we got,” McCain said.